Social Caring & Sharing

Social Caring and Sharing

Warning: Some Content and Comments May Offend Some Readers


You are right, every since our original site Internet Crime Fighters Org got hacked and corrupted:

  • We lost the ranking and recognition that we had  built through the years
  • Sponsors stopped asking for advertising space
  • Many browsers and ranking sites blocked us due to the nature of our content
    • Sexual exploitation of your children
    • Sexting and Sextortion
    • Revenge pornography
    • Self Harm and Suicides
    • to name a few
  • The only way to protect our children is to help spread the word by Social Sharing and Caring
  • Despite rebuilding the site and asking for share and even posting for donations
    • Most of the content was not read, nevermind being shared with others
    • Donations received over 5 years = $5.00
  • My wife and I have been supporting this effort since 2004 for Free
  • So why bother?

Because We Care

  • Too many children are being abused, exploited, bullied and left unsupervised
  • Self-harm and Suicides statistics continue to climb
  • Life has no value to so many, easy to take
  • Scams prevail, seniors that cannot afford to lose, are losing it all
  • If we help just one child, one senior, we have succeeded because they do have value
  • So, regardless of the cost, we must continue to spread the word and helps others

My Shriner’s Motto “No Man Stands So Tall As When He Stoops To Help a Child.”

  • I am a 32-degree member of the Masonic Order; both York and Scottish Rites
  • A Shriner -unable to practice the order as an active member in Malaysia
  • But the heart to help others is still there and so

Here We Are Again

  • Welcome to our new website
  • A fresh start
  • Renewed spirit and energy
  • With your help, bigger and better than ever

Our Children, Teens, and Seniors Need Your help

  • Self-harm and teen suicides continue to rise
  • Apathy and indifference to Internet Crime continues to kill our children
  • At the very time when our children need us the most
    • Parents seem to have abdicated their parental roles to Internet devices
    • Families have disengaged in conversation as a family unit
    • Childen are being groomed after what they see, read and learn on the Internet
  • Our seniors are being robbed of their retirement funds and other assets

As a Result

  • Children as young as five years old have unsupervised access to the dangers of the internet
  • Children as young as nine years old are watching porn and sexting
  • Predators and Pedophiles hide behind Fake Profiles
  • The grooming of children and cyber harassment is increasing
  • Leading to an increase in self-harm and teen suicides
  • Apathy and indifference to internet crime continues to kill our children

We Must Stop the Trend

  • Our children’s safety and security online is everyone’s responsibility
  • We must stop the internet from shaping the minds of our children
  • Reassume our responsibilities as parents and concerned citizens
  • Children must be supervised and monitored

If We Fail To Act

  • Your Children and Friends Children are at risk
  • The predators and pedophiles will gladly take up grooming our children
  • Does your child have 1500 school friends?
  • How many does he or she know?
  • How many do you know?

You Can Help

  • Learn to recognize the signs and share
  • Social media is our best resource
  • Your caring and sharing will help us spread our message
  • Only your closest friends will tell you everything
  • Others are unlikely to ask or know where to get help
  • Get started helping now with your Likes. Comments and Sharing

Internet Crime Fighters Org (ICFO)

  • Formed September 2013 ICFO replaces all previous efforts; i.e. blogs, groups and articles relating to Scams., Fraud and Threats dating from 2004
  • ICFO posts research and news related all forms of Internet Crime to raise awareness of Internet risk to you, your children, families, and business.
  • We Educate and Inform; Only You Can Help Pass It Along To Others
  • Our major interest lies in increasing awareness of Internet crimes against our children and teens
  • Despite our work; as of this posting, ICFO has managed to receive only 400 likes
  • Total receipts for donations over the past nearly four years is a mere $5.00
  • Our Attempts to raise awareness and to raise funds through sponsors, advertising, and donations have failed 
  • Our readership, traffic numbers and ranking online are declining instead of increasing
  • So, we need your help with your likes and shares to improve our standing online

Let us face it

  • ICFO understands that a picture of my wife and daughter, flowers, or pets that everyone that sees that post will jump at the chance to, like, love, and share with their friends who in turn re-share the post.
  • Still, others who thrive on someone else’s misery or abuse will quickly share the post which often sends the post or video viral.
  • Education or helpful posts that should be read, liked, shared or commented are seldom passed along to friends and family
  • Crimes against babies, children, and teens are repulsive, even sickening
  • Such posts are blocked by many browsers, parental controls, and security so those that need the information and help the most never receive it
  • Posts of educational or public interest value should be liked and shared with your family, friends, and business

Again, How You Can Help

  • Social media is our best resource
  • Your caring and sharing will help us spread our message
  • Only your closest friends will tell you everything
  • Others are unlikely to ask or know where to get help
  • Get started now with your Likes. Comments and Sharing

What ICFO Will Continue To Do

  • Posts research and news related all forms of Internet Crime
  • These are of educational, helpful or public interest value
  • All content can be printed and downloaded
  • Added a table of contents to all posts
  • No more scrolling a long post for something of interest
  • Adding more video content and even music links
  • Occasionally offer a story or personal experience
  • Discourage the scams and advice of work from opportunities that work
  • We welcome yours as well as your recommendations


  • It seems that anyone that starts a cause does so as a result of some personal experience
  • For the Author, what started in 2004 as scam and fraud research for adults that have the ability to think for themselves has grown into the ‘Bigger Picture” of Internet Crime.
  • Crimes against our children whose ability to think for themselves is being shaped by the internet rather than at home.
  • Dr. Don  and ICFO share this concern by sharing a piece of his abused childhood

Suicide is NEVER the Answer

  • Born in early 1939 in Boston Massachusetts
  • Mother was from a wealthy family in Connecticut.
  • She was not married, and her shame was shielded by Grandmother
  • The hospital told the mother that her baby was DOA
  • Mother and grandmother return to Connecticut.
  • Mother for the first time in 1981; some 42 Years after birth.
  • Imagine her shock to find out that her DOA baby was alive and had earned a Ph.D.
  • The unknown father was a preacher’s son.
  • She married, with two children; a half brother and sister
  • Mother had bone cancer and died a year later after my visit
  • The children seemed concerned that I was there to claim my share of the family inheritance
  • The brother and sister enjoyed a much better life than mine as you may read

My Story – Life Begins 

  • Born with cerebral palsy which made my right leg turn inward towards the left
  • Although I was put up for adoption, I had no takers as most were seeking a healthy baby
  • Remained in a children’s home care ward under study, testing, learning to walk until about 2-3 years of age
  • From there I was put into the Massachusetts Foster Care System where my abuse started.
  • A system where unsupervised parents can receive a child into their home in return for a small monthly fee.

First Foster Home where Child Neglect thrived

  • Lived in the attic where I played with spiders and flies.
  • Naturally, I attracted a lot of flies since I do not remember bathing.
  • I used to pull off one of their wings and watch them go in circles.
  • Never ate with the family and did my toilet business outside the home under the stairs In the heat of the Summer and the bitter cold of the Massachusetts Winters
  • Some two years later I was removed from that home by the State who found me near death due to extreme malnutrition, so bloated that it permanently deformed my ribs.
  • I looked like those Care campaign posters of starving children
  • Except, this happened here in the United States, under Massachusetts care

Second Foster Home – Sexual, Physical, and Emotional Abuse

  • Entered the second foster home at about age five and lived in a large room with two other boys
  • Due to my malnutrition, Ifaildedto develop a natural resistance to disease
  • So, I suffered most of popular and some unpopular sicknesses
  • I was so sickly and ugly that my recovery took a couple of years
  • Shortly after arriving in the home a man also joined us in the room.
  • I understood that he had been sent home from the war. It didn’t take long for him to start fondling and then force himself on me.
  • Too weak to stop his advances and too scared to say anything
  • I was his toy for all forms of sex; for a year or more
  • There was a girl in another room that also endured his visits.
  • As we grew up, we never mentioned the encounters with him

Bullying at School and Work

  • Got strong enough to both school and working at age 8.
  • Children bullied me for my skeletal looks, deformed ribs, and the problem with my leg.
  • However, since I worked the more I worked, the stronger I became
  • As I got stronger and stronger, the school bullying stopped after I managed to beat the top bully as his friends watched
  • The lady of the foster home later learned that I had a Catholic Girl Friend and beat me
  • It seems Southern Baptist’s did not tolerate dancing, touching, and proximity with non-Baptist believers
  • Walked out of school at age 16 after a dispute with my teacher over who was talking in class
  • Went to work full-time baling paper goods, making women’s shoes and packing frozen kosher chickens. My kosher chicken story is great, but maybe another time
  • After 4 or 5 foster homes, businesses and other jobs, Massachusetts agreed to let me enter the US Navy at age 17 with an 8th-grade education
  • Received my GED and did my college studies at night and weekends
  • My efforts paid off, and I became a US Naval Officer, later resigning after 17 years

So, There You Have It, No Abortion and No Suicide

  • My life story in short form and why children receive our priority
  • Been there and done that even before the “I got the T-Shirt” craze
  • A victim and survivor that lives to help another

This Job Is Too Big For Me Alone

  • There is Only One of Me, ICFO Needs Your Help
  • Remember only your closest friends tell you everything
  • Others that could use your help may never ask
  • Are you ready to help?
  • Help Support Us with Your Likes, Shares, Comments
  • and Perhaps a Donation to support our work

Thanks for reading Social Caring and Sharing

Dr. Don Yates Sr Ph.D., Founder

Your Donations Help Support Our Work

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Dr Don
Dr. Don Yates Sr Ph.D. Online since 2004 investigating and reporting Internet Crimes, Scams, Threats as well as Business and Work from Home Opportunities Author. The Internet Users Handbook 2nd Edition 2009-2013, Mentor, Advisor and Coach, Entrepreneur, Retired Chairman, CEO, and President, RE Broker
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