DrDonys Top 10 Bonus Picks

DrDonys Top 10 Bonus Picks

Welcome to My Selected Top 10 Bonus Picks

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My Name Is Dr. Don Yates Sr Ph.D. (DrDony), Founder of The Internet Crime Fighters Organization (ICFO)
A FREE Public Service.  Online Since 2004 Researching and Reporting Scams, Threats, and Work from Home Opportunities
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Consider This If You Are Broke!

  • Most that reach Age 65 is Broke – 95%!
  • Most Are Failing
  • Are You a Conformist – the 95%? or
  • Are You Progressively Working Toward a Worthy Ideal?
  • We Have Been Here For You Since 2004!

Start Today to Change Your Life Forever!

1. Bonus ARI Consulting Business

Winner ICFO’s Best Internet Program Award 2017

ARI graded for:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Product Quality
  • Promotional Materials
  • Website Looks
  • Affiliate and Member Support
  • ICFO – Sustainability, Program Differentiation, and USPs

Grading Guidelines: APSense Social Business Networking

ARI is a Full-Service Online Consulting Business

  • Offering Multiple Streams of Income
  • No Experience Needed – Really
  • Weekly Live Training, full video resources, and a repository of previous training
  • Ideal for Newbie and Season Internet Veterans
    • Students, the unemployed, underpaid and minimum wage employees, single moms,
    • stay at home moms or dads, those on a fixed income, the elderly, retired persons,
    • nearly anyone, that needs or wants to earn extra income from home
    • Great for our elderly friends that want to keep their mind active and earn while doing it


Learn How to Become An Online Business Consultant

Joining Bonus

2 Million Sokule’ Soken Bonus (Sokule Value $2,540)

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Click to Optin, Watch The Video, and Download Your FREE Book

2. Bonus ARI Paid to Read

Winner ICFO’s Best New Internet Program Award 2018

FREE Book – What You Will Learn

The Secret To Perpetual & Compound Income For The Average Person”

  • Why you need Perpetual and Compound Income!
  • What is Defacto, Direct, and Indirect Leverage!
  • What are the States of Financial Being for average income people!
  • What are “Subscription Qualifiers” and how do they work to increase your income!
  • How to compound Perpetual Income over and over again!
  • How you can generate transactions that can be created without your involvement and you still make all the income!
  • How to invest little to no monthly capital and make thousands each month from “Ghost Transactions!”
  • Best of all, how you can set up your own “Perpetual Income Payment System” with very little investment!
  • And so much more

PTR Is The Only Program Online

  • That offers unlimited earning power
  • With 10, 20, 100, 200 subscribers or more
  • Check your programs 
    • How many members do you need?
    • For $500 per month
    • For $4000 per month
  • Watch the Video and Read The Book for Comparison

Joining Bonus

3 Million Sokule’ Soken Bonus (Sokule Value $3,810)

Click To Join Sokule For FREE

Click to Optin, Watch The Video and Download Your FREE Book

3. Bonus APSense Social Business Networking


  • APSense is a Social Business Network
  •  Designed to help business owners,
  •  Online marketers and affiliates build their own personal business network
  • APSense promotes social business networking
  •  Provide tools and Add-ons for users to easily communicate,
  • Create interest groups and build their own private social network
  • Our goal is to make it simple for you to connect with other business individuals.

FREE to Join

Joining Bonus

Upgraded Members 2 Million Sokule’ Soken Bonus (Sokule Value $2,540)

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Click Here To Join APSense For FREE

4. Bonus Affiliate Bootcamp Click Funnels

Click Funnels is basically a software that lets you design and create sales pages, landing pages and it lets you manage your entire sales funnel. You can create seven types of a funnel with the help of Click Funnels: The Optin Lead Capture Funnel. The Sales Funnel. The Webinar Funnel.

FREE 100 Day Plan Training Course

This is a $997 training course is given away FREE to help train affiliates on how to do affiliate marketing. This also takes them through the process to become a ClickFunnels affiliate and how our ‘Dream Car” bonus works. You will be set up as their 2nd tier affiliate once they sign up.

“The 100 Day Plan To Give Yourself A Raise Every Single Day”

  • Welcome to Bootcamp!
  • What to Expect From Bootcamp
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Lay The Foundation (Day 1 – 5)
  • Your First Funnel (Day 6 – 10)
  • Improving Your Funnel (Day 11 – 15)
  • Your First Back-End Funnel (Day 16 – 20)
  • 2X Your Growth (Day 21 – 25)
  • Expanding Your Traffic (Day 26 – 30)
  • Hastening The Process (Day 31 – 35)
  • FunnelScripts Traffic (Day 36 – 40)
  • 108 Split Tests (Day 41 – 45)
  • Traffic For 108 Split Tests (Day 46 – 50)
  • Funnel University (Day 51 – 55)
  • Evolving Your Traffic (Day 56 – 60)
  • 14 Day Free Trial (Day 61 – 65)
  • Day 66+
  • Bonus – Resources
  • Bonus – Funnels


Varies with your upgrade

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5. Bonus Clickbank: Ultimate Super Tips

“Discover how a top guru KICKED out the search engines, invented a REVOLUTIONARY way to market ANY product . . . then gave the secret away in an amazing FREE book – ending with the most STUNNING viral twist ever seen”

What’s in the FREE book?

The Ultimate Super Tip”

  • I don’t care what product you have.
  • I will show you the VERY BEST strategy to promote it
  • One which will never fall prey to the latest passing fads or the whims of the search engines
  • In fact, you’ll see why I have said Goodbye to the search engines
  • I’ll show you an actual product that I sell with this strategy
  • and EXACTLY how I do it – every step of the way
  • Which means that you can simply copy my methods and repeat the same.
  • I reveal the ingenious twist that takes this strategy into orbit
  • Ending with an astonishing viral idea – not to be missed.

Click to Receive Your Free Copy

6. Bonus Four Percent Mastery

What Is Four Percent

We help modern entrepreneurs become most powerful, most influential and dominant figures in their business and life. With over 200,000 members and growing daily, this is not just another training center, it’s a movement for greatness!

We help entrepreneurs become great. We don’t believe in being average. We believe in raising the standards to above “typical” and “average”. The way we challenge the status quo is by delivering the most potent training and information through our educational products that help entrepreneurs become irreplaceable.

Our Mission

Provide highest level education and training for modern entrepreneurs through our online courses, events, local groups, and masterminds, helping our students become the most powerful, influential and dominant figures in their business and life. We create world-class customized training programs for modern entrepreneurs designed to help them become the most powerful, influential and dominant figures in their business and life. …and this is just the beginning. Four Percent is not just another training company, it’s an entrepreneur’s lifestyle brand.

7 Day FREE Trial $1.00

Take the Four Percent Challenge

Joining Bonus

  • 5 Million Sokule’ Soken Bonus (Sokule Value $6,350)
  • Earned upon completion of the 1st of 3 challenges

For Serious Marketers Only

Send an email to DrDonys Marketing for Your Bonus Link

7. Bonus Franklin Hatchett Coach & Mentor

Master Affiliate



Blueprint for Success

eCom ElitesThe Only Blueprint You’ll Need to Build A Profitable Online Business 

A Step-by-Step Online Entrepreneurial Masterclass

  • Learn the Secrets of a “no money down” start-up
  • Your Ultimate Marketing Edge
  • Give you an unbeatable marketing advantage
  • Propel you towards financial freedom.
  • The biggest benefit is the mentoring and community support

Joining Bonus

2 Million Sokule’ Soken Bonus (Sokule Value $2,540)

Click To Join Sokule For FREE

Click to Access Your Blueprint

8. Bonus Profit from Free Ads

Exciting new way to promote Profit from Free Ads!

Make Real Money Online is a short and concise, must read, report by the author, speaker, and product developer, Phil Basten, on how to sell big-ticket items online and put more cash in your pocket.

This powerful report highlights Profit From Free Ads and shows you exactly what you need to do to pocket the big bucks.

Phil Basten has been developing sites, writing copy, speaking and authoring books for the past 17 years. His sites and copy have brought in millions of dollars. You will not want to miss what he has to say on how to:

Make Real Money Online.

But Wait! There’s more…You can brand the links in this report and give it away for FREE. You’ll get more signups in PFFA and potentially generate a lot more income. You do need to be an upgraded member, level 4 or higher to brand the report.

FREE Report

Make Real Money Online

Download the report now and read it.

You will see why we are excited about it.

Branding a report means that your affiliate links appear in the report you give away so you get the signups and the sales when people read it and respond to it.

Make Real Money Online mentions 2 sites in the report where you can brand your own links. Profit From Free Ads and Sokule.

Branding a report like this with your affiliate links is a great way to make sure that your reader signs up under you.

After you brand the report, with your PFFA username and Sokule username, you will be taken to a download link where you can download and read the report. You will also get a branded link that you can promote online.

Joining Bonus

Varies with your level of membership

Click to Join Sokule for FREE

Click to Download Your FREE report

Click to Join Profit From FREE Ads

9. Bonus Onyalist Builder


  • Discover the Genius of List Building since 2009
  • Packaged in One Easy to Use Lead Capture System
  • Never Lose a Lead Again
  • Easy Splash Page Builder

Joining Bonus

Click To Join Sokule For FREE

Click Here to Join Onyalist Builder

10. Bonus Sokule Advertising Powerhouse

Why Sokule?

  • Leaders in Innovative Products
  • Master Advertising Strategists
  • Master Downline and List Builders
  • Longevity – Building lists since 2009
  • Networks to nearly 1.5 million members
  • Home of POST, PING, and PROFIT
  • Home of our Sokule Sokens
  • Sokens Are Sokule Valued at $1720 per Million
  • Click Here to Join Sokule for Free

Free to Join

Joining Bonus

Varies with your level upgraded membership

Receive a Matching Soken Bonus = Equals Double Benefit

Click To Join Sokule

Link Bonus

I use links from ITSY LINX

What’s An ITSY LINX?

  • It’s a Powerful Link Shrinker
  • It’s a Quality Solo Ad Mailer
  • It’s a Top-Notch List Builder
  • It’s a First-Class Advertising Platform
  • It’s a Money Making Powerhouse all Rolled into One, Simple-to-Use, Website!


Varies with your level of membership

Click to Get Your Links to Profits

Free Gifts and Bonuses

These are in addition to any offers that an individual site may offer and are NOT found elsewhere on the Internet

Here is How to Collect

  • Click to send an email to DrDonys Marketing
  • Subject= (Program and Bonus)
  • Include your full name, your payment receipt (if applicable), and your Sokule Username.
  • Please allow 24 to 48 hours for a manual addition of Your Sokens Bonus to your account


Income details shown in the programs are for example purposes only  Please understand that results are not typical. Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk. Dr. Don and ICFO do not guarantee results. These programs are not get-rich-quick schemes. Do Your Due Diligence and Take Responsibility for Your Results. Ask for help!

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